Creates a new grid. This may be a long-running request.



Parameter Required Type Description
grid[region] true string target region to start the grid in, any value from ap-southeast-2, us-east-1, us-west-1, us-west-2, eu-west-1, eu-central-1, ap-southeast-1, ap-northeast-1, sa-east-1
grid[instance_quantity] true integer number of grid nodes to launch
grid[stop_after] true integer stop after n minutes, greater than 0, less than or equal to 2,880 (48 hours)
grid[infrastructure] true string On Demand demand or Host Your Own hosted
grid[aws_platform] false string aws platform to use ec2_default_vpc, ec2_classic
grid[aws_tags] false string optional tags e.g. key1=value, key2=value
grid[aws_availability_zone] false string optional availability zone within a region e.g. us-east-1a
grid[aws_spot_price] false double optional spot price for instances in decimal cents e.g. 0.48
grid[credential_id] false string required for hosted grids
grid[aws_vpc_identifier] false string optional VPC ID e.g. vpc-4991ab20
grid[aws_vpc_subnet_public] false string optional public subnet e.g. subnet-4991ab21
grid[aws_vpc_subnet_private] false string optional private subnet e.g. subnet-4991ab22
grid[aws_vpc_security_groups] false string optional security groups e.g. sg-11692834


Launch on demand grid

curl -u ${API_TOKEN}: -X POST \
  -F "grid[region]=ap-southeast-2" \
  -F "grid[infrastructure]=demand" \
  -F "grid[instance_quantity]=2" \
  -F "grid[stop_after]=60" \
  -F "grid[instance_type]=m4.xlarge"

Launch hosted grid

curl -u abc123: -X POST \
  -F "grid[region]=ap-southeast-2" \
  -F "grid[infrastructure]=hosted" \
  -F "grid[aws_platform]=ec2_default_vpc" \
  -F "grid[instance_quantity]=1" \
  -F "grid[stop_after]=60" \
  -F "grid[instance_type]=m4.xlarge" \
  -F "grid[credential_id]=1"

Result Format

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "/api/grids/ypg1ZVWjsCiSN8mOfCdybw"
  "uuid": "ypg1ZVWjsCiSN8mOfCdybw",
  "name": "screeching-cavern-production-ypg1ZVWjsCiSN8mOfCdybw",
  "region": "ap-southeast-2",
  "origin": "Australia (Sydney)",
  "instance_quantity": 2,
  "instance_type": "m4.xlarge",
  "infrastructure": "demand",
  "stop_after": 60,
  "status": "queued",
  "nodes": []